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Find Home Care Agency 6 Ways Pets are Great for Seniors
Recent studies indicate that seniors who own pets, live longer, experience better health and enjoy life much more than the senior who has no pet companionship. Results have shown that pet owners often...
The Benefits of Pet Therapy
Choosing the Right Pet for a Senior
5 Dog Breeds for Seniors
  Area Agency on Aging Coping With Change in Retirement
All change carries with it the risk of the unknown and the unexpected. Some find these adjustments exciting and welcome the challenge. These people are able to go with the flow. Others follow...
The Seasons of Life
Rethinking Retirement
Stay Connected in Retirement
Area Agency on Aging Emotional Abuse in Nursing Homes
Despite what the brochures and pamphlets say, nursing homes are not all about sipping lemonade and playing shuffleboard. In fact, there are a lot of serious issues to contend with to make a nursing...
Elder Financial Abuse
What Are the Signs of Abuse?
Confronting Elder Abuse & Neglect
  Senior Care Services The Importance of Grandparents
Many parents fear becoming grandparents, because it is a sign that there is a new generation coming, and it often makes them feel old. But don't worry; this is simply an irrational fear. Grandparents...
A Survival Guide for New Grandparents
Summer Fun with Your Grandchildren
The Changing Role of Grandparents
Retirement Community Mind Games Help Keep Seniors Sharp
What is the biggest fear of seniors? Developing Alzheimer's, dementia or a general loss of cognitive function ranks very high on the list. Is there anything you can do to decrease your odds of this from happening?
Games For Those With Dementia
Feeling Sporty? Popular Activities
Look Who's Online Now
  Retirement Community Caregiver Burnout and Dementia
Patients with dementia can be among the most challenging types of patients to care for. Even the best intentioned person can get frustrated when the patient acts out or refuses to cooperate. Remember...
Identifying Caregiver Burnout
Caregiver Burnout Tips
Avoiding Caregiver Burnout allows the elderly to find local senior care services including home care agency, assisted living facility, retirement community, adult day care, hospice, elder law attorney, funeral homes, area agency on aging and more. Read senior care articles about medical alarms, senior lifestyle and care options.
Area Agency on Aging
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