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Breast Cancer - A Disability?
Women with breast cancer face an abundance of challenges beyond the physical and emotional devastation of fighting such a deadly illness. And for the women who work and must continue to earn an income, the potential loss of that income because of the illness can add to the already stressful situation. Being awarded Social Security Disability can be a challenge. The typical problem with breast cancer cases is that they usually have a tough time meeting the 365 day requirement, (there is a  Read More>>>
  Angela Davis-Morris

Health (Showing 5 of 39 )
Dentist Detecting Cancer?
By scheduling regular visits, a dentist will have the opportunity to screen your oral cavity for irregularities and potential health issues. If left undetected and untreated, bacteria and microorganisms can lead to serious health problems that develop in the mouth and within the body. Potential Oral Health Issues Dental patients consume food and drinks in order to receive their daily nutrition. However, many of these items can cause problems such as an allergic reaction, irritation in the  Read More>>>
  Wayne Sutton, DDS

To Defeat Cancer - We Must Stand Together
Cancer is a killer. Walk into any public place anywhere and ask for a show of hands regarding people who know someone with cancer and 85% of the hands will spring into the air followed by stories of battles won and lost of bravery and fear all fought on a global battlefield yet fought hand to hand, one on one and more times then not, to the death. For those who fight and survive, your path is altered in someway, you will never be the exact same person you once were, life's lessons can be  Read More>>>
  Tim Giardina

Fighting Cancer - The Best Strategy
As I was thinking of the journey ones goes through while overcoming cancer, I was reminded of an unforgettable spectacle that we have all seen at least once on television. I am referring to the launch of the space shuttle. Do you remember watching this huge machine slowly ascend in a rolling cloud of smoke, spitting fire and with a rumble that sounds like a continuous roll of thunder? What an awesome spectacle! I had the privilege of witnessing the Atlantis launch on November 16, 2009, from  Read More>>>
  Claude Lambert, MD

Skin Cancer Prevention
Skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, with over a million cases diagnosed in the U.S. each year. Because it's so common and so rarely fatal, it's often thought of as a less serious form of cancer, particularly among younger, lower-risk age groups. But this is a mistake, as this type of cancer can be quite serious. Malignant melanoma, the least common of the three major forms of skin cancer, is fatal in almost 25% of cases. Even the more common but less dangerous  Read More>>>
  Caterina Christakos

Supporting Your Loved Ones with Cancer
There are no set rules or guidelines to help your loved one who is dealing with a potentially deadly disease. Even though we all mean well, sometimes our concern is a cause of irritation for the patients and in such cases we have to dig deep for understanding, patience and love. A few tips to help you support your loved one: First Deal with Your Own Feelings As hard as it might be, your loved is looking to you for support and understanding. To be there for them in every way, it is important  Read More>>>
  Danielle Summers

Senior Health (Showing 1 of 1 )
The Elderly Can Fight Back Against Cancer
It was not so long ago that an elderly person suffering from cancer would have received limited treatment and been sent home to die. "The common thoughts used to be that it wasn't worth treating cancer in older patients; that they'd lived their lives; they might be dying anyway; they couldn't tolerate the treatment; the treatment might adversely affect their quality of life; or that they didn't want to live with the side effects of treatment," said Gary Shapiro, MD,  Read More>>>
  John Jones Jr.

Senior Living (Showing 1 of 1 )
When a Loved One is Diagnosed with Cancer
When a loved one is diagnosed with cancer, the natural response for many people is to panic. But there are some things that you need to keep in mind when someone that you love is diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is NOT Always Terminal The very first thing that you must realize is that a cancer diagnosis is NOT the death sentence that it was 50 years ago. New treatments are introduced all the time that improve the survival rate for many types of cancers. There are many factors that weigh in when  Read More>>>

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