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The Aging Process Staying Active as We Age Alzheimer's & Caregiving Depression or Dementia?
Most people view themselves as being 10 or 15 years younger than they actually are. This is typically how we mentally like to see ourselves. However, physically there are many changes... Getting older doesn’t mean you have to become inactive. Whatever your current age, you need to focus on staying as active any physically fit as possible. This is critical to your long term... Many people say they’ll never put Mom in a nursing home. This is easy to do when she’s healthy, but if she gets Alzheimer’s disease it becomes much more difficult. The first thing you need to take... Determining whether a loved one has dementia or depression can often be difficult. This is because the two illnesses have so many similar symptoms. And studies have suggested that...

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Guard Against Germs Communication Trouble Seniors - Improve Balance Sharing the Past
As you get older, your body’s natural defense system begins to weaken against diseases. To protect your health, you need to increase your efforts to keep germs away and if you currently... There are many different hearing, language, and speech problems that affect the senior community. By understanding what the symptoms are seniors can seek the treatment they need and... Balance is essential in seniors to help prevent falls and thus improve the quality of life and long-term independence. One of the best ways to influence your balance is to strengthen your leg... Spending time with seniors is probably the best gift you give them. So why not make a fun family project out of it? Here are some ideas that will allow you to spend time with the people...

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