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After a spouse passes-on, the world can never be the same.  One enters a state of grief, moving from feelings of shock, fear, and numbness, possibly into a state of guilt for being the one to survive.  It’s not uncommon to feel anger towards your partner for abandoning you.  There is no clear roadmap for grief, and emotions ...

It is complicated enough to think about retirement for ourselves, but it's even more challenging for couples to plan this transition. What defines your ideal retirement may not be the same for your spouse or partner. To have a successful retirement lifestyle, each person in the relationship needs to communicate, compromise and ...

Secrets to Attracting Love After 50
If you're divorced or widowed and haven't dated in many years (maybe even decades!), entering the dating world is intimidating enough. But entertaining the notion that you may be able to find a new life partner can seem out of the realm of possibility. The ...   Read More>>>
When a Spouse is Terminally Ill
When you are looking into the eyes of your loved one declaring that you will love, honor, and obey each other until death, you really don't know the full significance of those few words. You actually are vowing to take care of one another for the remainder of ...   Read More>>>
How to Deal With Losses as You Age
The older you get the more loss you are going to experience and this loss will take many forms including friends, family, and even co-workers and people from around your neighborhood. Death is a part of life, but it doesn't mean that grief gets any easier to ...   Read More>>>
Making New Friends in Retirement
After retiring, you may find yourself needing to make new friends. Perhaps your other friends are still employed or maybe you simply want to find new friends with whom you can share this wonderful new experience. Whatever, the reason may be, making new friends after ...   Read More>>>
Pets for Seniors - Enhance Quality of Life
Recent studies indicate that seniors who own pets, live longer, experience better health and enjoy life much more than the senior who has no pet companionship. Results have shown that pet owners often experience a decrease in temperature, stress level, and even ...   Read More>>>
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Avoid Becoming a Divorce Statistic in Your 50's
We all know couples who have been married for many years and who have decided to divorce. After a lifetime of communicating about day-to-day events, parenting, and career aspirations, somehow ...
Love After 50 for Guys
You have hit the "big five-oh" as they call it (or you are past it). Maybe you have been through a divorce or you just have not found the right woman yet. You are going on a bunch of ...
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