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Improving Health with a Furry Friend
Pets are healers.  The blind love and affection that animals can bring to their owners is like therapy.  They are friends, companions, and a three-ring circus-act all wrapped up in one.   Needing to take responsibility for another life brings meaning to one’s own life, and keeps one active and useful. Years ago my ...

6 Ways Pets are Great for Seniors
Recent studies indicate that seniors who own pets, live longer, experience better health and enjoy life much more than the senior who has no pet companionship. Results have shown that pet owners often experience a decrease in temperature, stress level, and even blood pressure! In addition to this luxury of companionship, pets can provide joy, ...

Pets and the Elderly
There are definite advantages of having a pet.  It has been proven in various medical studies that people with pets have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels, but for the elderly there are other benefits. As we age, we lose beloved spouses, ...  Read More>>>
5 Dog Breeds for Seniors
Dogs are natural companions for seniors. Dogs are good company. They can help seniors feel secure by keeping the house under watch. They also have the added bonus of giving seniors a reason to be more active. But when considering a dog for a senior, there should be ...  Read More>>>
Replace a Pet that has Died?
Most of us who have owned a pet know how much love and affection it can provide us. For a senior, the importance of having a pet can be invaluable. When a senior experiences grief from loss of a pet, it can have detrimental effects. If you can assist a senior in ...  Read More>>>
Pet Therapy for the Elderly
Linda's mother had been receiving in-home care in NJ for several years. While the care was excellent, her mother just did not seem like her old self. Then one day, Linda, a 45-year-old mother, brought a puppy home for her own mother. It was then that she and her ...  Read More>>>
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Pets Can Help Keep the Doctor Away
A pet makes a great friend. We love our pets and that is why we have them. We know that pets can make us feel better. When you get home from work, school, or are retired, or elderly, pet owners ...
When Pets Outlive Their Owners
When Walter died at the age of 97 there was no one left in his immediate family except Millie. Millie was a more-or-less cocker spaniel of questionable heritage. Her legs were too short for ...
Dogs for Boomers Who Travel
The baby boomer generation has just started to retire. Born between 1946 and 1964, there are approximately 76 million baby boomers in the United States today-or about 28% of the US population. ...

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