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First Line of Defense....
Local Nutrition Campaign Will Arm Family Caregivers with Resources for Healthy Aging When it comes to healthy aging, good nutrition is the first line of defense in keeping seniors strong and independent, ...  Read More>>>
Healthy Senior Lifestyles
Living a happy and healthy lifestyle isn't always easy. However there are simple do's and don'ts that can help you create the kind of life you deserve. Do know when to ask for help For decades, you've ...  Read More>>>
Turn Back the Clock - 4 Techniques
While you can't fudge the date on your birth certificate-at least not legally-there are strategies you can use to turn back the hands of time. Get physical You've heard the exercise mantra before, but ...  Read More>>>
You Are What You Eat!
Our eating changes as we age. When we're young, we gravitate towards foods that are fun, fast, and satisfying. Our lives are hectic, our pocketbooks are light, and our stomachs are never satisfied. ...  Read More>>>
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Container Gardening for the Elderly
Once a gardener, always a garden lover. Growing plants is such an enjoyable and fulfilling past time but for many senior citizens it becomes difficult to continue. Perhaps ...
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