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The Aging Process
Written By : Stephanie Roberts 
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Most people view themselves as being 10 or 15 years younger than they actually are. This is typically how we mentally like to see ourselves. However, physically there are many changes to our body we can’t deny. Instead of just writing off these changes as growing old, it’s important that were honest about what’s really going on. For one, by recognizing a change in our body we can seek treatment from a doctor that may alleviate the situation. And even more important, we may identify a potential life-threatening illness and be able to treat it before it’s too late.

What should we accept as normal aging? And what are normal changes in the body it grows older? Many of these changes we can see and feel and are rather obvious. These can include changes in our eyesight, loss of hearing over time, dullness in our taste buds, increased frequency to the bathroom, and many more things. Misplacing things and forgetfulness may also creep up in our day to day lives. And this doesn’t even begin to describe what’s going on inside our bodies. Heart and lung functions gradually decrease as well when age – fat deposits shift around and accumulate. None of this is particularly pleasant. But we also have emotional changes that occur over time. We may lose some our independence when we can no longer drive, or begin to depend on a caregiver for some of our needs. Grief and emptiness may be felt with the loss of a spouse or close friends.

Finally, some good news – there are some ways we can slow down the aging process and preserve our quality of life. This starts with eating healthy meals including vegetables, fruits, grains, and dairy products. Because the taste buds may dull as we age, it’s important to limit the amount of salt we add to food. And be sure to drink plenty of water. Exercise is another key area that helps prevent many problems. Whether it’s walking around the neighborhood, yoga, or light weight lifting, the key is to do this consistently. Healthy eating and exercise can prevent many of the problems that plague people today including obesity, mobility, and a wide range of illness and diseases. Beyond our physical health we also have to be concerned with our mental health. Staying engaged and social helps to avert loneliness so make sure to spend as much time around friends and family as you can. For those without this option, there are local senior centers where you can be involved in activities with other seniors. This may include playing cards, learning the computer, or just catching up on current events.

Remember to embrace change and accept the aging process, it will make life easier and more enjoyable. Plus, trying to deny something that you can’t stop just brings feelings of anger and despair, so remember – It’s all about attitude.

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