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Are You Denied Access to Your Grandchildren?
Written By : Stephen Wisley 
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Denying access to their grandchildren is the most upsetting thing for most of the grandparents. Grandparents are generally denied access by either of the parent or both parents if they have had a past fight or misunderstanding. These misunderstandings could be sorted out by communicating with each other out of court. However, in extreme cases grandparents can exercise their legal grandparent rights in some states.

Why do some parents deny grandparent's access to their children?

It can be for any of the following reasons:

o Past Misunderstanding:

This is one of the most common reasons. If the grandparents and their grown up children had a past conflict which remains unresolved, then they might deny access to their children. Time has the capability to heal wounds. Misunderstanding problem could be sorted out easily, if the grandparents could approach their children and talk it out. When you approach your children, do not try to point out who is right and who is wrong. All you need to do is, let them know that you would like to put behind the past and move forward. This might change the minds of your children.

o Illness or Behavioral Issues:

This is another common reason. If the parents are convinced that grandparents could pose a threat to their children because of their past behavioral issues such as drugs, abuse, etc., then they might be denied access. In such a case, if the grandparents have genuinely come out of such habits, then they might approach their children and convince them that, they are not into those habits anymore. In these cases, the decision remains ultimately with the parents and cannot be forced.

Other the above, if the grandparents are denied access to their grandchildren for no reason, then, they may have a right to approach the court. Listed below are some of the legal grandparent rights they are eligible for:

o Grandparent Visitation Rights:

You may win legal grandparent visitation rights if you could prove the court that:

o You share a great bond with your grandchildren

o You would like to gain access in the best interest of your grandchildren

o Grandparent Custodial Rights:

You may win grandparent custodial rights if you could prove the court that:

o The parents are not financially sound enough to take proper care of the kid

o Both parents have behavioral issues like drugs, etc. which could pose a threat to the grandchildren

o The child is being neglected by the parents

o The child is being abused by the parents

Dealing with the court or lawyer expenses might really prove expensive for the elderly people. Hence, it is always better to get all the issues sorted off the court. In extreme cases, you can approach the court for which the above tips might prove useful.

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