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Love After 50 for Guys
Written By : Jeff Stevens 
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You have hit the "big five-oh" as they call it (or you are past it). Maybe you have been through a divorce or you just have not found the right woman yet. You are going on a bunch of dates but no one seems right. Is it possible to find love after 50?


You have to think of these three things along the way though.

1. You find yourself single post 50. How is your attitude? Are you cheerful and positive (or at least faking it well on dates) or are you negative and bitter? Keeping it light and funny on dates, ESPECIALLY as you get to know her is KEY. If you project any negativity to her in the form of talking about how you hate the dating scene or how your ex-wife took everything but 2 old suits that she could not find in your closet then you are not projecting the best image you can on dates.

2. Are you keeping yourself in the best physical condition possible? As we age it gets harder and harder to maintain a healthy weight and appearance but it is certainly not impossible. Make sure you have the green light from your physician first and get yourself on the best diet and exercise program you can.

3. How is your wardrobe? Could you step onto the set of an 1980s sitcom that you see on late night TV or are you up-to-date? And is your suitable for your age? It is good to be up on the latest fashion but I do not think a bunch of piercings and ripped jeans really suit a guy post 50.

Beyond those three things it is important that you are a mystery and challenge, you treat her with respect, and that you are a gentleman.

I always tell guys to go to the old time movies and check out how the guys acted in those classic Hollywood scenes. The men were always cool, they had the right lines that kept their dates guessing as to what their true intentions with her were and they were unfailingly gentlemen. I am sure you have some favorites from that era and they are great studies in human nature and the mating dance. There is a lot you can learn from those Silver Screen Classics.

Make sure you put yourself in a position to actually MEET women you can try all this good stuff out on. Having a drink with your buddies at the golf course where the only female is a 20 something waitress with a college football boyfriend, probably is not your best option to getting new women in your life.

Get your picture/profile on an online dating site, take classes that have women in them, frequent places that a lot of women go, and just in general put yourself in a position where you can meet single women.

Remember guys, you can find love after 50 but you do have to put some effort into it. 

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This is Jeff Stevens's first article.

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