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A Survival Guide for New Grandparents
Written By : Veronica Scott 
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For those grandparents who have not held a baby in their arms since they held their own children, refresher courses for new grandparents are necessary. After many years of decorating the house with cute knick-knacks and classy furniture, baby proofing the house is necessary to avoid accidents. A first aid kit will come in handy in cases of accidents. With grandchildren around, caution has to be taken and dangerous equipment and tools stored away from the children. For instance, innocent-looking sharp edged tables can hurt tumbling children; cabinets filed with cleaners can easily poison a child. Grandparents are likely to face surprises when their first grandchildren arrive and the home one though was safe may evidently not be safe for children. Luckily, common hazards are fixable by making some slight changes to make the home safe for children.

A first aid kit like the Pedia-Pak kit is necessary in a home. The kit has got many pockets with various items organized in a manner that enhances quick retrieval. The kit comes with a first aid handbook which is important in explaining ways of handling different cases. The kit even has additional pockets for storing medication and any other supplies pediatricians may suggest. The Pedia-Pak kit is designed for children under five years of age and is mandatory for parents travelling with kids. Grandparents require such a kit as the content is carefully chosen to treat diaper rash, scrapes, fevers, bruises, fevers, headaches and other situations common in young children. It is vital to lock children out from dangerous places inside the house. Door knobs, latches and locks can be of great help. Protect your grandchildren from poisonous substances and place all medicine in places children cannot reach using child-resistant packages. Sharp objects should be out of reach and trash containers sealed with secure leads.

Prevent serious falls immediately your grandchildren start walking. Not every tumble can be prevented but ensure serious falls that can result in injuries or death are avoided. Use safety gates on staircases and windows guards to avoid falling. Install anti-scald devices on all faucets and turn all water heaters down to avoid burns and scalds. Cover electrical outlets and plugs too to avoid accidents. Dangerous furniture with sharp edges should be avoided or alternatively put edge and corner bumpers. Looped cords for windows should be tied far from the reach of children to avoid strangling. Have contact information in case of an emergency, be aware of the daily routines of your grandchildren, enforce house rules and ensure the child is safe and has fun.

Finally, having basic safety equipment installed in a home is mandatory and this includes devices like carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. However, childproofing a home does not mean that the home will be completely safe and the child will be out trouble. Children develop fast and within time, they will be able to disable safety devices easily. Grandparents should therefore test the childproofing devices to ensure they are strong enough. In case they are not, they should be replaced with another brand. Be watchful on children at all times and the effort put in together with home safety devices, will help grandchildren stay away from harm. 

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