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Being a Grandparent is Such a Joy
Written By : Pamela Bunta 
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Being a grandparent is a joy for so many reasons. The little miracle grandbabies remind you in lots of ways of your own children when they were little. This will make one reminisce about the times you had with your children, which is very pleasant. Also, the grandchildren bring hope for the family's future, and you are a part of that also. When you see that grandbaby for the first time, they will steal your heart.

Grandchildren are alot of entertainment. I think when we are older and wiser we appreciate so many more things about our grandchildren, that we may have missed with our own children. We aren't too busy to see the world through a child's eyes when we are older. We are certainly more patient. We get to have fun with them, and the parents do the hard stuff.

I have a 3 1/2 year old grandson who was my first grandchild. I have had the privilege to get to see him often and be a part of his life. He is so smart! From the time he was an infant until now he has enjoyed watching the new educational cartoons, and learned things alot faster than the children did when I was raising children. It is fascinating watching him learn and grow. He is old enough now to call me once in a while and talk to me on the phone. It is so sweet! He named me gah gah.

He called me on my birthday, and Valentine's day this year. He can run programs on the family desktop computer by himself already, and can swim under water. He loads the dvd player by himself and watches his educational videos and his favorite movies. I watch them with him of course! He is a good little boy! He is a blast!

I now have a 4 month old granddaughter, who I enjoy babysitting two days a week. What a privilege that is! She is a good baby, and keeps me busy as all babies do. Her smile just melts me, and she lights up my world! It is so fun to watch them grow and learn to do new things. she wants to sit up already, and watches t.v. with me. She has found her hands and is starting to teeth. I love it when she coos and babbles so sweetly.

I know now why I was mean't to have babies when I was young. It is delightfully exhausting to watch them for a day or two, and as a grandparent you send them on home to mommy and daddy so you can rest.

I have two more grandbabies on the way. A granddaughter is due this June, and a grandson due in July. I am so excited! It is fun to be a grandparent and watch your own children become parents. It amazes me sometimes to watch the circle of life. It's cool to watch your children parenting and see the ways they choose to parent.

Sometimes it can be unnerving though, and I try to be careful about how I butt in. After all, they are doing it their own way. If they ask my advice I give it. If I feel compelled to make suggestion on my own, I do it very tactfully.

I look forward to every future grandchild, and I only hope that I can see them often.

Grandchildren are truly a joy. If you have them, you know what I am talking about. If you don't yet, you have a great deal to look forward to. 

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This is Pamela Bunta's first article.

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