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Grandparenting - Creating That Special Bond
Written By : Murphy Ortiz 
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The bond often shared between grandchild and grandparent is a very special one. I can remember going to visit my grandparents on Sundays gave my first doll, and at her suggestion, kept my doll at her house so I'd always have something fun to play with when I visited. Now that I am a grandmother for the first time, I can only hope to have the same special bond with my grandson that I had with my grandmother.

Many have likened being a grandparent with the analogy that it's like having all the joys of parenting without the day to day stress of the parenting responsibilities. If you are a grandparent or are about to become a grandparent, enjoy this special time in your life! Try these tips to get the most out of your grandparenting experience.

1. Before the baby arrives, be supportive of the new parents-to-be. Support their decision to become parents and support their relationship.

2. Look at grandparenting as a "second chance". You can learn from your past mistakes as a parent and not repeat them as a grandparent.

3. Remember your role as a grandparent is different than it was as a parent. Know your boundaries.

4. Remember the importance of being caring, loving, and supportive in a non-judgmental manner.

5. Become a "hip" grandparent. Stay (or get) current on technology to keep up with your grandchildren. Be computer literate, keep in touch via email perhaps learning to text message. Don't be critical about clothing, music and hair styles. Staying current will help let your grandchildren know you understand him/her.

6. Share their world. You will find it's really not so different on a fundamental level. Attend their ballgames, plays, recitals etc. to show your interest in their lives.

7. Spend quality, one- on -one time with your grandchild. Give them your undivided attention during this time. It's not always enough to just be around them during family gatherings.

8. Stay in touch with your grandchildren. If you don't live close enough to see them on a regular basis, write, email or call weekly.

9. Try to remain harmonious with your grandchild's parents. This is especially important when there are differences in your child-rearing practices.

10. Be a role model to your grandchildren. Remember that you are the family source of information on family history, parenting and life.

Murphy Ortiz is the manager of Family Choice Home Care. For more information about senior safety or home health care in New Jersey or Philadelphia, go to [] or cal 856-273-7700

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