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Find Resources for Your Aging Parents
Written By : J. Stearns 
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When you're the person responsible for providing care for your aging parents, life can become quite hectic. This situation is particularly stressful for adults who have the dual responsibility of caring for their own children as well as their aging parents. One of the best ways to cope with aging parent care is to find resources and help within your local community. Here are a few ideas for finding those resources:

1. Talk to your church representatives. If you are active in a local church, you will often find a lot of resources, help, and advice from them that will be extremely helpful with caring for your aging parents. Your minister is often very connected to the community, and will know about a variety of services and programs that you may never have heard of before. Your church may also have social workers and specialists on staff who's job is specifically created to help families with aging parents.

2. Look in the yellow pages. If you live in a large community, there might be a wealth of resources for your aging parent right there in the phone book. These can range from senior community centers, day trip organizers, adult day care, home health aids or assistants, and more.

3. Join a support group as the support group is for you, the caregiver because as a caregiver to an aging parent, your responsibilities can become vast. They're also quite stressful, and many women particularly try to do everything themselves, and end up burning out from trying to do too much without any help. By joining a support group, you will have a large source of emotional support on hand whenever you need it, and that support will come from others who have gone through the exact same things you are experiencing.

In addition to the much needed emotional support you will receive, a support group often pools all their knowledge, experiences, and resources together for the general good of the entire group. This means that support group will often have a wealth of resources within your own community that you never knew about before.

4. Speak to your doctor. By speaking to your own doctor, or your parent's doctor, you'll often find they know of many community resources that can help you care for your aging parents. Doctors who specialize in geriatric care will have the most information and resources for you about available community services, but even family practitioners are often very well connected within the community, and they may have some excellent contacts for you to get started with.

5. Ask friends and other family members. If you have a large network of friends and family members nearby, they may know about resources in your community too. Friends, particularly, who have started caring for their own elderly parents, may be looking for or have already found community resources for their own needs and they're more than willing to help you as well. If you and a friend are becoming caretakers for aging parents around the same time, you can split the work of finding community resources and share them with each other regularly. 

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