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Senior Health 
Communication Difficulties and Seniors
There are many different hearing, language, and speech problems that affect the senior community. By understanding what the symptoms are seniors can seek the treatment they need and identify the problem as early as possible. Hearing difficulties affect over 10 million seniors in the United States and the most common cause of this is ...

The Right Exercises for Seniors
Senior fitness requires exercise, but it must be the correct exercise. If seniors exercise incorrectly they can cause great harm. Here are the right exercises for seniors. There are four basic components to correct exercise for seniors that will lead to healthy living: cardio, strength, flexibility and balance. There actually is a ...

Nutrition and Hydration in the Elderly
The elderly often show less interest in eating and weight loss can become quiet noticeable. They may also stop drinking as much - especially if they have problems with incontinence. In the face of advanced dementia and/or a terminal illness, this disinterest in ...   Read More>>>
Keeping Elderly Skin Healthy and Protected
The skin of the elderly is highly prone to a number of diseases and disorders because of its decreased elasticity, thickness, and because of certain illnesses the elderly tend to have. One of the most common problems that affects the skin is congestive heart ...   Read More>>>
Healthy Aging and Physical Limitations
I've worked with thousands of people with difficult physical limitations, but some of them have had the most glorious spirit and outlook on life. Anyone who has a physical limitation may have to work harder to age well and stay healthy, but your elder must ...   Read More>>>
The Elderly Can Fight Back Against Cancer
It was not so long ago that an elderly person suffering from cancer would have received limited treatment and been sent home to die. "The common thoughts used to be that it wasn't worth treating cancer in older patients; that they'd lived their ...   Read More>>>
Senior Fitness
Many times we hear the term "aging in place" for older adults. So, just where are you "aging in place"? Is it on the sofa, in your easy chair in front of the TV, or have you chosen the healthy alternatives such as walking, cycling or strength ...   Read More>>>
Top Articles

Stay on Guard Against Germs
As you get older, your body’s natural defense system begins to weaken against diseases. To protect your health, you need to increase your efforts to keep germs away and if you currently have ...
Staying Active as We Age
Getting older doesn’t mean you have to become inactive. Whatever your current age, you need to focus on staying as active any physically fit as possible. This is critical to your long term ...
Senior Health 
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