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Headaches & Migraines 
Migraine Warning Signs - Action Steps
The key for me in managing my migraine headaches was to learn how to identify the triggers that caused my migraines and try to avoid them. Unfortunately, I couldn't avoid all of them - stress for example-so I had to learn how to take action to reduce the severity of the migraine. Warning Signs If you suffer from migraines you probably know by now that ...

Headache Pain - Beat it at the Source
Headaches are one of the most commonly experienced health complaints. For chronic sufferers, the pain can be torture and affect social life, work and even family. The typical response is to reach for over the counter (OTC) headache medications. Sadly for some, these medications don't even "take the edge" off and even with stronger prescription ...

Headaches & Dizziness
Although a headache and dizziness are two separate and distinct conditions, there are many people who can experience them at the same time. What are the circumstances that might cause both dizziness and a headache to occur at precisely the same time? There are at ...  Read More>>>
Solutions to Headache Pain
Each year, millions of Americans suffer with headache pain. The headaches come in various forms including tension headaches, cluster headaches, migraines, post-trauma headaches, hormonal headaches and others. Regardless of the type of headaches people have, they are ...  Read More>>>
How to Cope with a Migraine
If you have experienced migraine, you would know how painful this type of headache could be. Migraine is an intensely painful headache that is often described with throbbing or pulsating of one side of the head. It is sometimes accompanied by vomiting, light ...  Read More>>>
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Sinus Pain - Diagnose & Relieve
How can you tell if you have sinus pain or migraine? In general terms, with migraines you have a long history, a history of repeated headaches, an aura before the headache starts and a sore neck ...
Get Rid of Headaches Naturally
Headaches are overlooked so much as a phase which will pass. Many people are unwise to the fact headaches are a sign of a problem, not just an uncomfortable moment in time. A very common cause of ...

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