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Coping With the Sudden Death of a Spouse
Losing a spouse through old age, after spending a lifetime together, can prove to be very challenging and difficult. However, coping with the sudden and unexpected death of a spouse carries with it challenges that are unplanned and often times can feel unnecessary. Here are some suggestions that may help you, or a loved one, get through the most ...

What to Do? Parents Grief & Sadness
Your Mom has changed. She seems so sad, so often. Quiet, reflective, even moody. You've always known her as the cheerful life of the party. Oh, she has her moments of exuberance. But more and more you sense this wall of sadness that seems to stare her in the face. You want to help. To fix things. To get her back to the way she always was. The ...

Helping Your Parent Deal With Loss
When you lose a parent no matter at what age, it's going to cause a ton of different emotions and grief is probably the toughest one to deal with, after all you've just lost your Mom or your Dad. And if you were particularly close the grief is even ...  Read More>>>
Remodel Life After Loss
The client, a remodeling contractor, described a breakthrough in my grief counseling with him. It came to me this morning, while drinking my morning coffee. I am in the midst of the biggest remodeling project of my life! Big parts of the life I built together with my ...  Read More>>>
The Death of a Spouse
One of the most difficult moments in a person's life is the death of a spouse. Whether the marriage was wonderful, rocky, young or old, losing something so significant can feel so painful that the simple act of breathing hurts, and there doesn't seem to be an end to ...  Read More>>>
Death of a Spouse - How to Cope?
Believing in life after death offers a powerful and effective way to deal with the loss of your spouse. The death of a spouse is the hardest thing you will ever deal with in life. During and after the funeral, there seems to be an endless stream of tears, sleepless ...  Read More>>>
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Why Pre-Arrange your Funeral?
It used to be that the majority of folks who came to us to pre-plan a funeral were folks in their 70s or 80s who were either sick or facing their mortality. That trend has been changing in a ...
How to Go on After Your Spouse Dies
After the death of a spouse you of course are in shock, disbelief and numbness.  There is a "fog" that seems to set in which is natures way of protecting you from the pain you are ...
Ways to Cope With the Loss of My Mother
My mother was the only person in my life whom I truly trusted. She was my confidant and the person I depended upon to offer advice when I needed it. She was my idol and my best friend. It is so ...

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