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Tips For Raising Your Grandchildren
Your grandchildren are living in your home. Now what? Raising your grandchildren is not an easy task and there are legal questions to be answered. You are to be commended for taking on the task of raising a second family. I know you didn't ask for the job, but now it is yours. Have you checked with a lawyer? You may ...

A Precious Bond Should Not Be Broken
A PRECIOUS BOND: Should Not Be Broken The bond between grandparent and child is precious and should not be unnecessarily broken. While there is no doubt grandparents suffer greatly from broken hearts when separated from grandchildren, the kids also feel frustration, helplessness, and bereft of an important part of their future. Often the ...

Come Take a Walk With Me
One of the hardest things I have ever deal with is having to wonder from day to day if my grandchildren are being taken care of. I think we always hope and pray that our children will do well in life. We hope that they will get good jobs,get married and have ...   Read More>>>
Help Your Grandchildren Adjust
Spending as much time as you can with the children when they first come into your home is crucial. Having grandparents rights is a big responsibility in raising your grandchildren. They need to feel your love, and know that you want them there and that it is not ...   Read More>>>
Bridging the Generation Gap
One of the common issues found with grandparents raising grandchildren in today's society, is trying to find a way to relate with their grandchildren on the right level. Most grandparents, having being raised themselves in a totally different environment, ...   Read More>>>
The Importance of Staying Healthy
No matter what the reason is for why you have became grandparents raising grandchildren, one of the most important things you can do is stay healthy. As older people tend to have more health concerns than younger adults, the job of staying as healthy as you can ...   Read More>>>
Enduring a Wide Range of Emotions
When you had your children, there were moments (admit it) when you look forward to the time where your child raising years were over, and your children moved out and on with their life. Then life threw you a curve ball and now you find yourself raising your ...   Read More>>>
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Survival Guide For Raising a Second Family
If you are in the group of grandparents raising grandchildren you are in a growing number of people raising children the second time around. There is a big difference when we can spoil our ...
Discipline and Rules
The inevitable truth of gaining grandparents custody rights is there will have to be new rules of discipline. Some grandparents may worry that setting rules may distance them from their ...
Raising Grandchildren - Are They Happy?
Circumstances in life may take the role of grandparents to parenting of their grandchildren. The most common cause for this may be the death of parents although divorce and separations also ...

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