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Family Tree Scrapbooking
So what is family tree scrapbooking all about? When you think about it starting a scrapbook of your family tree is not unlike starting a scrapbook on any other subject. For the focus of most scrapbooks is on people, whether they are relatives, fellow high school friends, sporting associates or anyone else whose memory we wish to cherish. ...

The Main Sources for Your Family Tree Research
Those of you who have been busy collecting data for your family tree will probably have assembled by now a great variety of documents, memorabilia and artefacts that throw light upon and add real interest to your emerging family tree research. But when it comes to putting all this material into some kind of meaningful order, there are ...

4 Short Cuts to Creating a Family Tree Book
As you climb your family tree, at some point you're going to want to put together a family tree book. But before you even get started, a voice inside your head is probably going to set off alarms, with thoughts like "that's too hard," ...  Read More>>>
The Biggest Mistake of Online Ancestor Hunting
When you find a mention of your family tree online it's thrilling. Especially if the site lists long sought-after dates, more names, and stories about your ancestors. Who doesn't like knowing the details of a Civil War soldier, a Revolutionary-era patriot, ...  Read More>>>
Drawing a Pedigree Chart For a Family Tree
Does anyone know how to draw the correct pedigree chart?  This was the question I recently saw posted on the Internet and here's the answer. First, a pedigree chart is a graphical representation of direct ancestors from generation to generation. ...  Read More>>>
Tips For Expanding Your Family Tree
To build your family tree online is an excellent means of expanding upon the information that you already have collected. If you are well underway with researching your family's history this can be a good way of opening it up to others to see if they can ...  Read More>>>
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Family Trees - Where to Begin
Daily, people are searching for answers pertaining to their family roots. There are many factors involved when searching for clues to your family's history. The more information you ...
The Secrets of Genealogy
So what are the secrets of genealogy, a hobby shared by millions worldwide? You may well think you know what genealogy is, but the truth is that many people, quite understandably, confuse it ...
Exploring Your Family Tree
Perhaps you have just stumbled across some old family photos and other interesting bits and pieces of family memorabilia. This has made you curious about these people who may have been your ...

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