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Thread: I need advice about medications for erectile dysfunction...men only, please

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    I need advice about medications for erectile dysfunction...men only, please

    I am a healthy 73 year-old man who still craves an active sex life. I have heard that the medications for erectile dysfunction can worsen your heart health. I'm willing to take the risk, but I need to talk to men who have used these meds. A doctor has all the book knowledge, but I'm looking for solutions that men out there have used to continue their sex life. I don't want to die from a heart attack, but I also don't want to have a sexless life. Men out there, please help me.

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    Max, I understand your dilemma. I can tell you my experience with erectile-dysfunction drugs. I have used Viagra for years with no bad side effects, but I also have no heart problems. The dosage I have used did cause at times an accelerated heart beat and a red flush on my chest and face. Having said this, I would urge you to take my posting and any others that might be made and talk with your doctor about these symptoms to see if they would be harmful for your heart condition. Good luck to you, my friend.

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    Jim, I do have heart problems and I do use Viagra. I am 79, and still going strong. There is no reason on earth you can't continue a healthy sex life. Your doctor can help. I just don't understand your delay! Get to the doctor, and then enjoy yourself, and life!!

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    Even though your post says "men only," I feel I must reply. My husband had heart problems for years along with erectile dysfunction. Finally, he decided to try Viagra. It gave him such confidence, he also decided to try the neighbor down the street. When I found out, I divorced him. But just so you'll know, I hear he's still involved with this woman, so I guess Viagra works! If you are married, I hope your wife reads this post. Some men go a little crazy when their "functionality" returns.

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    You can use Viagra for a better erection, people in every age are using it. You can judge any adverse effect if you experience any kind of breathing problem, numbness or stinging pain in the chest during an intercourse. If you face these side effects then discontinue it and consult your doctor.

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    You need to use Viagra to get a much better erection, e in every age group are utilizing it. You can assess any adverse result if you experience whatever breathing problem, numbness or stinging hurt in the chest during an intercourse.

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    Erectile dysfunction drugs might not be suitable for you if you are suffering from certain health issues. Also, taking the incorrect dose of anti-impotence pills might be dangerous. I would advice you to consult a doctor and do what he says.

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    I used these pills and it worked good for me. There are lots of Erectile dysfunction pills out there in market, so you can use any of them. I experienced the same issue and started consuming Kamagra polo 100mg and I started gaining a good erectile. You can try out these medicines.
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    Is it Possible to Cure ED

    I am confused that the Anti-impotence drugs may help me to retain the my sexual health. I am still looking for the best medication that may help me. Is it possible that kamagra oral jelly can treat my dysfunction.

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    Looking to your age just get help from your family doctor. There are many medicines in market available for low sex drive problems.

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