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Sharing the Past
Spending time with seniors is probably the best gift you give them.  So why not make a fun family project out of it?  Here are some ideas that will allow you to spend time with the people you love and create great memories for the future. When spending time with your loved one, showing an interest in their past can trigger magical ...

Model Trains for All Ages
Anyone who spends their time with model trains knows that it’s a magical hobby.  To see a whole miniature town with its own railroad, and its own life, is truly a marvel.  If it’s always been a dream to create your own railroad within your own home, or some other available space, it’s never too late to get ...

Senior Activities - 2 Dice Games
So many activities for the elderly, and especially craft, are generally enjoyed more by women than by men. So because our menfolk are usually more competitive and love to play games, here are two games of dice that they will enjoy. They are simple to play and need ...   Read More>>>
Teaching Seniors Computers - 10 Tips
I've been teaching library computer classes since 1997. Here are my top 10 tips for teaching seniors how to use a computer. 1) State the goals of the class before you begin instructing. People will come into a class with different skill levels. ...   Read More>>>
Arts & Crafts for the Elderly
The picture used to be locked in to an antiquated version of crafts for the elderly: they were relegated to cutting out construction paper Christmas tree chains and Valentines, making doilies, and fussing with clay or paints. Maybe crafts for the elderly were ...   Read More>>>
Look Who's Online Now
The popular belief that the "net" is reserved for the younger generations may have been true a few years ago, but no more. Survey data shows that more and more older Americans are flocking to the internet and the proliferation of websites dedicated to ...   Read More>>>
Tips for Seniors Traveling
Traveling is a luxury many seniors enjoy. The planning, preparation, adventure, and return, is all part of the delight that the phrase “travel for seniors” implies. One of the most common methods of travel is by air. Air travel today has changed ...   Read More>>>
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Gardening Through the Seasons of Life
Your first gardening experience as a child can be very exciting.  Children establish a great connection to the earth when they’re raised around fruit trees, flowers, fresh-grown ...
It's Never Too Late to Quilt
Quilting is for all times and all ages. In our retirement years, the craft seems to grow in its appeal and meaning. With innovative new tools, the hobby is even more accessible to seniors.  ...
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