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Find Help for Elder Abuse
It is an unfortunate fact that elder abuse is a growing problem. With a greater number of elderly individuals who require the assistance of others, there have been an increasing number of reports of abuse and neglect. How can we begin to decrease this problem that has become so prevalent in modern society? The first steps include creating ...

Signs of Nursing Home Abuse
Most elderly people in nursing homes are unable to take care of their daily living needs without assistance, which is why their families have placed them in surroundings where that assistance is supposedly at hand. While many, of not most, nursing homes are caring and conscientious, there are some where that assistance is negligently ...

Financial Abuse of the Elderly
When a loved one gets older, it is common for use to worry about them. Are their needs being met? Should they be put in a home? Can we trust those who are looking after them? Sadly, these causes for concern are justified. Cases of abuse are far too common ...   Read More>>>
Elder Financial Abuse - Manipulation
Manipulation - taking advantage of a person's weaker state of mind - is one key element in cases involving elder financial abuse. Undue influence, coercion, isolation and manipulation are all weapons used by perpetrators to carry out this abuse. ...   Read More>>>
Elder Financial Abuse
Elder financial abuse and occurs in many forms. Improper use of financial powers of attorney, trickery, manipulation, coercion and undue influence are just some of the ways that bad guys take advantage of the elderly. Diminished mental capacity. As the ...   Read More>>>
Elder Law - Nursing Home Abuse
First, let's recognize that nursing homes are needed in our society, and the functions they serve are vitally important to the health and caring of our aged population. Their job is not easy. Even the best nursing homes, those with the cleanest rooms ...   Read More>>>
Financial Abuse of the Elderly Can Go Unnoticed
Typically, when people think of elderly abuse, what comes to mind is negligence or rough treatment. Possibly even the more direct physical abuse that we hate to imagine but is nonetheless a part of our society. One of the most common yet least expected forms of ...   Read More>>>
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Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect
Nursing home neglect and abuse is a national disgrace. In fact, this is a widespread -- and increasing -- problem in the United States. An analysis of the death certificates of persons who ...
Abuse in Nursing Homes and Your Legal Rights
Sometimes we have to put our faith in others. In a nursing home environment, we take a big leap of faith that nurses and practitioners have the best interest of our loved ones in mind. Many ...
Emotional Abuse in Nursing Homes
Despite what the brochures and pamphlets say, nursing homes are not all about sipping lemonade and playing shuffleboard. In fact, there are a lot of serious issues to contend with to make a ...

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