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Can a Good Night's Sleep Beat Depression?
Everyone has days where they feel down in the dumps. But when feelings of sadness, anger or frustration become so overwhelming they interfere with your daily activities you could fall into depression. While sleep disorders have long been associated with depression, recent research on this link has changed the way the medical community views the cause of ...

Strategies to Pull Out of Depression
Some ways to break out of depression make use of how your subconscious mind works. Your subconscious mind likes things in nice neat packages. Since it is very black and white, which also means concrete in the way it views your life, it doesn't like feelings and behaviors which are not congruent with each other. No subtle shades of gray allowed. Your ...

Antidepressants For Children
It would seem that a large percentage of the population is on one type of medication or another; some of these people are even on two or more different medications. It seems that there are medications for just about everything, from pain and sickness, to headaches ...  Read More>>>
Regrets Can Trigger Depression
Your body is a chemical factory fed by your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. Frequently thinking about past regrets is an entry way to a depressed mood. If you do it long enough and often enough you can trigger biochemical responses that lead to ...  Read More>>>
Natural Remedies For Depression
Natural remedies for depression may be very effective for the estimated 20 million Americans who suffer from some form of depression. Many of these people turn to pharmaceuticals, which their doctor prescribes to them. These include such medications as Zoloft, ...  Read More>>>
Elderly Depression
Depression is more common in the elderly than in any other age group, affecting 20% of those living in the community and 40% of those who are living in care homes, according to the Mental Health Foundation statistics on mental health. Older people are less likely to ...  Read More>>>
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Depression - The Basics
Depression: Defined Depression is often confused with sadness. Everyone feels sad or "down in the dumps" at times in their lives. Sadness is a natural reaction to something upsetting ...
From Disappointment to Depression?
It is not uncommon to hear people talk about some disappointments in their life. Most will have some disappointments, or regrets, in general, but there are others who feel the disappointment more ...
Can Animals Help With Depression?
With different people looking for their own way to deal with some light depression they may experience on occasion, a few have come up with some interesting ways that they believe will brighten ...

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