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Bipolar Disorder - The Hidden Disease
Bipolar disorder - what is bipolar disorder: Diseases are and have become part of our lives in some way or another whether affecting us individually or in our family units. It seems that as every day passes more and more people are suffering from many chronic, harsh and potentially life threatening diseases such as bipolar disorder. There are many reasons ...

7 Ways to Avoid Bipolar Episodes
If you have bipolar disorder, then you know how horrible it is to go into a bipolar episode. However, there are several ways to avoid going into these episodes. In this article, I will show you seven ways to avoid them. 1. Take your medication Although there is still no cure for bipolar disorder at this time, the best way to fight it is through medication. ...

Signs of Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder symptoms can be scary, but take heart because its treatable. Bipolar disorder can be treated with the proper interventions. Usually, a combination of drug therapy and psychotherapy is used. What are the Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar ...  Read More>>>
Living the Bipolar Life
Whether you have bipolar disorder or are supporting someone who does, living the bipolar life doesn't necessarily mean going from episode to episode without a break. Between episodes, your life can be fairly normal. If you have bipolar disorder, the main ...  Read More>>>
Violence and Bipolar Disorder
During a bipolar manic episode, your loved one may become violent, even if they have never been violent before. During a depressive episode, they may still show violent behavior, only it will probably be self-directed. Either way, you need to be prepared for this ...  Read More>>>
Food and Bipolar Moods
The food you eat is important to how you feel - not just physically, but emotionally as well. Certain foods can affect your bipolar moods. Bipolar disorder is a neurological illness; that is, it involves the brain. Specifically, it involves the neuroreceptors of ...  Read More>>>
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Teenagers, Bipolar Disorder, and Drugs
Wherever you go, if there are teenagers, there can be drug abuse, whether it is in high schools or on college campuses. Marijuana is the most common, but many others exist. Teenagers with bipolar ...
Understanding Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar is an illness that causes stress and extreme mood changes. An individual or group that experiences bipolar symptoms has maniac episodes of high energy to the extreme lows of ...
Bipolar Disorder and Family Issues
If your loved one has bipolar disorder, you will have family issues surrounding their disorder. This article will discuss five of these issues. 1. Jealousy or Resentment It is hard for you ...

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