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Anxiety Treatments: An Overview
Anxiety is not necessarily a bad word. It can be a motivator to meet deadlines, help people in dangerous situations, and push people to improve themselves. However, excessive anxiety and worry can cause health problems for the entire body's system—including abdominal ulcers, heart problems, hypertension, and contribute to strokes. Fortunately there ...

Anxiety Disorders - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
Anxiety disorder to most ears may sound like a big disease or mental problem which is real hard to live with. It is abnormal, but we should stop using the term as it might hit the wrong cord. It is a fact that all human beings experience some kind of anxiety in most of the tasks they get engaged in. For some it turns out to be helpful, that the level of ...

Understanding a Panic Attack
Panic attacks are normal reactions of our body to a threatening situation. It can stimulate the adrenalin rates in our body which in turn will increase the heart and respiration rate, increases blood pressure and diverts the flow of blood to muscle. Panic attack ...  Read More>>>
Transform Stress to Energy
Stress  is involved in a majority of health conditions.  Below is a list of activities to help you gain control of your day.    Health at Your Fingertips: Holistic Self-care Nutrition Often stress and irritability is ...  Read More>>>
Chronic Anxiety Disorder
Anxiety disorder is usually characterized by a serious whirlwind of emotions that a person goes through when he's experiencing the effects of the exacerbated physiological response characteristic of this ailment. Noted as a particular foundation of psychosis, ...  Read More>>>
Don't Panic, Read This!
As I write this, I can think of several patients I've seen recently complaining of symptoms that have become increasingly worrisome to them. They become very nervous doing common things like grocery shopping, driving their car on the freeway, or just being out ...  Read More>>>
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Worry Reduction Techniques
Worrying is a habit. It becomes deeply traced in a pattern in your brain. When a worry comes into your mind, your brain remembers that you usually keep repeating this worry, so it keeps repeating ...
Anxiety Attacks - How to Handle Them
Anxiety attacks can happen out of the blue, trust me I know. What you should know about anxiety is that it does not indicate that there is something wrong with you 99% of the time. What this means ...
Identify Your Anxiety First
Realize first of all that most people experience anxiety at some point in their lives. It's natural. Many do not need any anxiety relief tips because it goes away on its own. For others, ...

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