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Alzheimer's and Communication
More than any other source of solace or peace, where is one place we can go to, to retreat from the world, to listen to our own internal dialogue, to have the deepest, most profound thoughts, or the silliest, most shallow musings? The mind. It is our first and last refuge, the one place outside of the world where we can truly be ourselves. If this all sounds a ...

Alzheimer's Symptoms
Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and early symptoms are often confused with normal signs of aging.  However, there are differences between occasional forgetfulness and having memory loss that disrupts daily life.  And because this disease gets worse over time, it’s important to recognize the early stage symptoms and ...

Learning Dementia Logic
Stevie was a wonderful woman I looked after on the Oregon coast. She was tiny, an elf-like woman in her 80s. Lively, sweet, funny and just loved all her pets. And there were lots of them -- 3 indoor dogs, 3 indoor cats and 5 outdoor cats who slept in the ...  Read More>>>
Alzheimer Granny Tells Lies
Remember that guy in the movie who woke up with no memory. He spent the rest of the whole movie trying to fill the gaps back in. That's how important our story is to us. We actually are story, we human beings. We developed speech because that was how ...  Read More>>>
Normal Weird Dementia Stuff
Since people are so confused about dementia, I'm going to list things that may look odd but are the normal things of dementia. 1. Noun Loss: It's normal for people with dementia to be unable to bring your name to mind. It doesn't mean ...  Read More>>>
Is Grandpa Crazy Or Does He Have Dementia?
It's too bad that we are so prejudiced about dementia. I know, everyone's terrified. Use the word "Alzheimer's" round healthy elders to watch them run. The problem with that projection is that people who need expert help may not be ...  Read More>>>
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How to Win Dementia Arguments
So, here are useful words and phrases to use while arguing with people with dementia. Ready? Okay, here goes: 1. Uh-huh; 2. Really? 3. I know. 4. You do? 5. Okay ...
Can We Fix Dementia Sundowning?
There's nothing like sundowning to make caregivers feel crazy. And, they aren't any better in care facilities either. They deal just as badly or just as well with sundowning as you do ...
Learning to Handle Dementia Behaviors
People with dementia are often frightened and alone, even if they're right there with you. That's because they may not have the memory information to remind them they know you. And ...

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